Accounting books kept at the highest level are your pride. They provide your potential contractors with information and therefore it is very important that the are kept by professionals.


Finances are the most important area of a company – we know that and we offer a service of conducting settlements in a smooth and proper way so you don’t need to worry about any financial inaccuracies.


Do you need advice? Contact us and we will help you and find a way to make your company operate even better and the profit you make will increase. We offer advice on accounting, finances and taxes.


Nowadays efficient communication is key when conducting international operations. Thanks to our knowledge of several foreign languages, we will help you exchange business information with foreign companies.


Marcin Pospiech Consulting

I was born and raised in Poland. When I was 15, I left Poland and moved to Belgium. My life has completely changed since then. Today I am very proud of two citizenships. Thanks to my ability of speaking in three languages, I try to act as a broker between people working in Belgium and Poland.

I am keen on developing pro-European activities and I think limits and restrictions are of no use. I try to look further and further and constantly expand my perspective.


I started my independent activity as a specialist in accounting taxes.

At the beginning of my career, I knew I did not want to be like other experts in this industry. I wanted and I still want to approach each client individually. I want people who work with me to trust me and let my company become part of their success.

This is why I devoted a lot of my time to building a unique office perfectly fulfilling my mission and implementing the plan I presented. Thanks to this, I can offer a unique, individual approach and professionalism of the services provided in our industry.

  • Individual accounting

    We know how important an individual approach is, that is why we offer accounting services conducted by one person. Thanks to this, the contractor gains a specialist who will be completely devoted to the activities related to the tasks entrusted. Trust our expert and your documents will not have any secrets from him.

  • Double accounting companies

    We conduct international activities in Poland and Belgium. We are responsible for comprehensive service for Polish and Belgian companies, as well as for contacts and exchange of business information between them. We perfectly manage two legal environments.

  • Taxes

    We are not afraid of Polish and Belgian tax systems. We offer guidance and preparation of all documents that your company needs. From accounting books, through annual settlements, to issuing VAT invoices.

  • Creating and publishing annual financial statements

    We take care of your company all the time. Thanks to this, at the end of the year, we can quickly and efficiently create and publish annual financial statements. Thanks to this, you will not have to worry about the huge amount of documents to check. Our permanent control will help you avoid corrections and errors in the final reports, and thus save your nerves and unnecessary stress.

  • Financial plans

    Planning helps to systematise the activities carried out and define their goals. We want your success to be our win as well. We will help you prepare a financial plan that will improve the functioning of your company. We will make sure that it is professional, anticipates all situations and is possible to implement.

  • Support for your activities in Poland

    We help in conducting international activities. Thanks to our knowledge of two different legal systems, we can guarantee comprehensive tax services. Fluency in Polish and Belgian makes us perfect brokers in communication between individuals in Belgium and Poland.